• Engaging Science

    How should a Christian begin to think about the scientific disciplines? Join physicist Don Petcher and biologist Tim Morris (Covenant College) as they discuss engaging with science in this foundational unit.
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  • Historical Tensions

    Why do science and the Christian faith always seem to be pitted against each other? Join historian Mark Noll (Univeristy of Notre Dame) as he discusses the history of the tension in this important unit.
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  • Human Origins

    How is science helpful to the Christian faith? How is it a challenge? Join physicist and astronomer Loren Haarsma (Calvin College) as he discusses the powers and limits of science in this unit.
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  • Building Humans?

    Can we make technology more human? Can it help us be more human in return? Join Rosalind Picard (of MIT) as she answers questions about the intersection of technology, intelligence, mechanics, and humanity.
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  • Finding Galaxies

    What is it like to look through a telescope with the trained eyes of an astronomer? Join Astrophysicist Jennifer Wiseman (of NASA) as she shares some personal reflections on the cosmic testimony of the universe.
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